Gameplay Fundamentals

The mysterious lands of 'Minnia' await you friends! "Monzters of Minnia" is our Role-Playing-Game (RPG) that will be developed in conjunction with The Sandbox metaverse. Upon completion of our NFT collection, we will purchase a 3x3 or 4x4 estate in The Sandbox metaverse to use for our game development and community clubhouse. Once we have established our land estate, we plan to build a large and immersive world relating to our in-depth Monzter Minions lore.
We have an experienced developer with 30+ years building on web 1, 2 and now 3. With a deep passion for gaming and economics, he will provide a fundamental role in our game development and play-and-earn mechanics. Ownership of our NFTs will grant access to play in our RPG game according to the element type of each minion that you own. So if you own a Fire Element minion, you will be able to play as a Fire minion. Each element will have unique gameplay, abilities and questlines to complete. To explore all content and unlock all potential rewards, you will need at least 1 of each element type!
Our 3D voxel artists are already designing concepts for our playable characters and game assets. We also have our experienced 3D artist, Mother of Minions, equipped with a degree in Games Design and experience working in the AAA games industry to assist, so we are confident in our ability to develop an enjoyable experience for all our members. The mysterious lands of 'Minnia' await you friends!
Original concept for our Voxel Minion playable characters

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Gameplay Fundamentals