Monzter Minions
Play and Earn Mechanics

Play and Earn Mechanics

Our game will also be equipped with Play-and-Earn mechanics such as Collecting gems/tokens, unlocking rewards from hidden content, puzzles and treasure. Achievements in-game will also be rewarded with NFT airdrops, in-game items, merchandise and more. We are also looking into the potential to rent out your NFT as a "ticket" to our Gameplay. That way if you want to hold the NFT but are unable to play you could potentially earn passive income by renting out your 'game key' to another would-be player. Every week we plan to host gaming tournaments with our community to encourage some friendly competition. These contests will include challenges such as time trials to complete quests/content, hidden treasure, jumping puzzles and PvE combat.
We are also looking at incorporating our staking mechanics into our gameplay to help with burning the supply of our Gems/Tokens. These gems earned from staking could be burned to unlock additional gameplay perks like abilities/skins. This will also help reduce our total supply of Gems which will increase the value for our holders.
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