Monzter Minions
Monzter Minions is an NFT project built on two fundamental principles; Gaming and Education. Our team has a lifelong passion, spanning generations, for gaming. We will be developing a large Play-and-Earn (P&E), Player-versus-Environment (PvE) Role-Playing-Game (RPG) in conjunction with The Sandbox metaverse. Explore a vast game world within distinct environments that represent our Minions’ elements; Earth, Fire, Storm and Water. Each elemental type has its own deep lore, puzzles and unique quest-lines. Team up to fight bosses, or battle alone, for rewards to collect and earn such as NFT upgrades, airdrops, tokens and more! We also aim to empower our community through access to industry professionals for educational content and coaching in a range of industries such as Crypto, Trading, Investing, NFTs, Personal development, Photography and Digital Art.

Monzter Minions NFT Collection

The Monzter Minions Collection will consist of 4000 NFTs spread across the Polygon, Ethereum and Solana Blockchains. Our first launch will be our 500 Monzter Minion Genesis launching on Polygon. Genesis Monzter Minions will come with exclusive perks such as an honorary NFT airdrop, exclusive in-game skins/items and areas to explore. Each Minion minted will be assigned one of the four elements; Fire, Storm, Earth or Water. Every element has its own unique colors. Fire Minions will be red or black, Earth will be green or brown, Storm will be one of two shades of purple and Water Minions will be either blue or yellow. The most exclusive elemental type to collect will be Fire. Each element will also be assigned certain traits that are unique to that element, such as the fiery horns and wings only available for the Fire Element or specific environment traits, such as an Oasis background for our Water minions or a Crystal cave background for the Earth Minions.
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