Monzter Minions Lore
The ancient world of Minnia, with its majestic mountains and deep valleys, has long held a sense of mysticism and secrets of its own. One such secret was recently uncovered within the depths of an, as yet unexplored, mountain range where a series of interconnected valleys were found. Hidden within one of the valleys, explorers stumbled upon some curious little creatures, never before seen in any part of Minnia.
While the creatures all appeared to be of the same family, explorers found dozens of different species, their cataloguing still ongoing. They have a wide variety of features and seem surprisingly intelligent with the apparent ability to manipulate certain aspects of their environment. Some are able to harness the power of wind to achieve flight for a short amount of time, while others appear to use their power to control water. Yet more seem attuned to storms, with the ability to harness electricity out of lightning strikes, while others can muster energy to produce little breaths of flame!
In general appearance, the creatures most resemble a small dragon, with a great many of them sporting horns of some kind. They have a mixture of colors which seem to mimic their powers. Although many species have been found, with still more discovered each day, no two creatures to date have been identical. Instead, each individual is curiously unique; something scientists find as unlikely as it is fascinating. And, although there is such incredible diversity within the same family of animals, the creatures appear to hold an inextricable connection between each other.
Most intriguing of all, explorers and scientists monitoring the area have only found babies, as though born just a few days ago. While the valleys are still yet to be fully explored, there has been no trace – footprints or otherwise – of the creatures’ parents, despite continued searching each day. Although like most animals, the young possess the necessary instincts to sustain themselves, they will inevitably face grave and potentially mortal challenges if there is nobody to teach them the intricacies of their powers and abilities. Should this occur, scientists fear that the creatures will meet their demise.
While dozens of caves have been found, no animal presence has been detected other than the many babies that now litter the interconnected valleys. However, what the exploration teams did discover were ancient ruins. In fact, it would appear that the valleys of Minnia were home to some kind of human civilization in the past. Ruins were found inside the various cave systems, with broken wall structures and wall carvings present in almost all of them. The precise chronology of the ruins remains unknown with archaeologists still trying to determine just how long ago they were built.
Some of the wall carvings have symbols and images that cannot be understood, however others are very clear. One depicts similar looking creatures to those found throughout the valleys, however these beings appear to be truly ancient. Each one projects a sense of regal authority that seems to transcend the humble carvings, leaving the observer in awe.
These ancient creatures are shown to tower above building structures and the human figures that surround them. While this great size may be metaphorical - a sign of the respect people had for the creatures - it may indeed be a literal representation of them. If so, they would have rivalled in height the tallest known animals.
One wall carving shows the creatures bestowing the humans with an item of some kind, however the image is too small to determine exactly what that is. In other images, the creatures are shown to apparently mingle among the humans and are clearly present as the humans build their civilization. The creatures are also depicted ‘gifting’ the humans with smaller versions of themselves at some point and scientists believe these are most likely the same ‘dragon’ babies now present in the valley.
Beyond this point, however, the history of the valleys in the wall carvings becomes clouded and confusing. The humans appear to go through some kind of upheaval and in the last series of images, which clearly end quite abruptly, the elder creatures are nowhere to be seen. If the wall carvings capture the whole story, it can be safely assumed that the humans were all gone at this point, while the elder ‘dragon’ creatures seem to have mysteriously vanished before them.
Perhaps the elder creatures will one day return to protect and raise the young ones in the valleys, however until such time, they need to be cared for. Together, the team of explorers and scientists involved have developed a guided adoption program. A call has been put out across Minnia explaining the situation unfolding in the high mountain valleys, along with pictures of the young creatures, which some of the explorers’ children have affectionately dubbed “Monzter Minions”. Anyone interested can adopt one of these adorable creatures, thus ensuring they will be well cared for.
Of course, raising such animals will be challenging as their abilities to control the elements may prove unpredictable and potentially dangerous at times. Even so, it is important to ensure their survival. Perhaps in time, the elder guardians will return to step in and care for the little ones.
Until then, the Monzter Minions need to be adopted! To be continued....
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