Our roadmap will consist of Three individual phases - Phase One (Drop One and Two, Phase Two)
Phase One - 600 Genesis Collection
= Completed.
Phase One - Drop One - 500 Monzter Minion Genesis NFTs
  • Educational content for holders.
  • $3,000 Charity Donation.
  • Merchandise designs to be chosen by community and implemented on our website for sale.
  • DAO Implementation for holders.
  • Start developing our Staking mechanics.
  • Employ another 2-3 Voxel artists to assist with game development/assets. This content will be used for marketing and promotions.
  • Upgrade our Whitepaper with more content, in-depth plans about our game and staking/tokenomics etc.
  • 1 ETH DAO Deposit.
  • Start production of our Monzter Minions Play and Earn, PvE RPG game on The Sandbox. (More details below)
Phase One - Drop Two - 100 remaining Monzter Minions Genesis
  • $2,000 Charity Donation.
  • Sandbox land purchases for Monzters of Minnia Play and Earn, PvE RPG on The Sandbox.
  • Staking Deployment
  • Monzter Minions Plushys and additional merchandise exploration such as Toys.
Phase Two - Multiple Small and Exclusive NFT collections across ETH and SOL
  • Ultra Rare ‘Guardian’ collection launch. Only 100 Supply, All with a unique 3D Voxel avatar for Metaverse compatibility!
  • Themed sub collections, including animated, special 1/1's and a Pixel collection inspired by nostalgic Fantasy RPG.
  • One unique mint ID will receive a free crypto mining rig.
  • Donations to charities chosen by community.
  • ETH raffles - (Must be holding at least 1 Monzter Minion NFT at the time of the raffle).
Community Decides
  • Using DAO funds for investing, community projects, blue chip purchases etc.
  • Collaborative drops, evolution collection, 3D Models, 3D collection, children's book, are just some options. The choice is up to you all!
  • 2% royalties from secondary sales to fund the Monzter Minions DAO vault. 0xaE8B164C4aA95D203E838B724bC9d134bE64827b
  • 2% royalties from secondary sales to the Monzter Minions developer wallet for future developments for the project. 0x70d468cf01E91183d56db4621528EBBD6aF0765a
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