Charity and Philanthropy
A key motivation behind our Monzter Minions project was to be able to generate funds on a much larger scale than we previously could, to continue our work with various charity organizations around the world. We are very passionate about conservation and education and would love to donate a large portion of the funds we raise to organizations that protect the voiceless and ensure the less fortunate have access to education, clean water and quality food. With the help of our community, we will decide which organizations should receive funds from our project. Some of these include Defenders of Wildlife, The Jane Goodall Institute, Children and Art, Save the Koalas, Kevin Richardson Foundation and more. From the proceeds of our mint, we will be donating $40,000 to help these organizations, as well as providing an insight into the great work and difficulties that these organizations face to protect what we love. In addition, we will be gifting some members who receive lucky legendary Minions, or ultra rare traits, such as our Legendary Tiger Minion or our Cuddly Koala Plushy trait, donation kits and packs on their behalf. If you happen to mint the Legendary Tiger Minion, we will make a donation on your behalf to Defenders of Wildlife and send you an adoption kit which features an Eco friendly plushy, adoption certificate and more information about the amazing work they are doing. Similar donations and adoption kits will be included with other minted Legendary Minions. We will also be hosting various gaming tournaments, charity auctions and more fundraising events to help us raise money and make a positive impact, so our children and children's children can live to see the beauty that we are fortunate enough to see.
Eco-friendly plushy which will come with the Tiger Adoption Kit.
Tiger Adoption Kit which will go to who ever mints our Legendary Tiger Minion
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