Legendary Perks and Raffles
As lifelong collectors, we know the feeling when you open a pack of collectible cards and your eyes light up when you realize you've finally received that ultra rare collectible you always dreamed of. Unfortunately, we also remember the heartbreak of numerous packs and purchases with little to no luck of any rare collectibles. With that in mind, we wanted to give all users multiple chances to strike it lucky when you mint one of our Monzter Minion NFTs.

Legendary Perks

  • Our Legendary 1/1 Holographic Shiny Ethereum will come with $1000 in Ethereum over 12 months.
  • Our Legendary 1/1 Shiny Golden Bitcoin Minion will come with $1000 in Bitcoin over 12 months.
  • Our Ultra Rare Shiny Ethereum shirt trait will come with $100 in Ethereum. Total of 10 in our collection.


  • The first 750 wallets to mint will enter a raffle, with 10 wallets winning 1 Ethereum each!
  • The first 1500 wallets to mint will enter a raffle, with 20 wallets winning 1 Ethereum each!
  • Once we conclude minting, we will raffle a Mining Rig valued at approx $10,000 USD to one lucky person who owns a Monzter Minions NFT at the time of raffle. **These raffles will be held once we sell out our collection**

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Legendary Perks