Holders will be granted access to exclusive merchandise designs and can also vote for additional items and accessories to be manufactured. Our initial plans will include items such as Stickers, T-Shirts and Hoodies, as well as Mother of Minions' favorite type of merchandise.... PLUSHYS!!! Just like our Minion with the Plushy Minion trait, we want to recreate some Minion designs as a cute cuddly creation for you all to snuggle up with and enjoy in real life! We will select only the finest designer to assist us with our Plushy production, with plans to potentially even sell them in retail stores, with a portion of proceeds returning to the DAO Treasury. We will also have merchandise packs awarded for contests, as well as discount codes and free shipping for participating in community events and more!
Example of a Plushy we will be designing in real life.
Sticker Sheet for our Merch Store.
Monzter Minions notepad
Monzter Minions Pillow Covers
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