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1. Staking Fundamentals

Staking essentially means you are locking your NFT/Token away into our staking contract which in turn rewards you with Gemstones as rewards. Gemstones will be our local currency to be used across the entire Monzter Minions brand/franchise. **IMPORTANT NOTE: ONLY TRUST OUR OFFICIAL STAKING LINK ON DISCORD AS YOU WILL BE HANDING OVER YOUR NFT WHILE YOU STAKE, USING A FAKE LINK COULD RESULT IN THE LOSS OF YOUR NFT** Our base concept for staking will be as follows:
  • Stake your Monzter Minions NFT for a unique gemstone every 24 hours.
Each Gemstone relating to the Elements including our Legendary Opal.
  • Each element type (Fire, Earth, Water and Storm) will be rewarded with a unique gemstone/token relating to that element.
  • Legendary Minions will be assigned a special Opal Gemstone every 24 hours. Opals will have increased value compared to the regular gems.
  • Each gemstone will have unique purchasing power relating to the type of element. Fire gems can be used to upgrade our Fire Element minions in-game and so on.
  • Risk mechanics will be implemented over time, such as unclaimed gemstones able to be stolen by other holders and an airdropped collection called 'Goblins of Minnia' (More details to be announced).

2. Tokenomics

Total Token Supply

10,000,000 split into 5 individual tokens for each Element and our Legendary Minions.

  • Legendary - $MMOPAL - 2,000,000 Total Supply
  • Storm Element - $MMAMETHYST - 2,000,000 Total Supply
  • Water Element - $MMSAPPHIRE - 2,000,000 Total Supply
  • Earth Element - $MMEMERALD - 2,000,000 Total Supply
  • Fire Element - $MMRUBY - 2,000,000 Total Supply

Deflationary Mechanics

With a total supply of 10,000,000 total gems, we want to create a diverse economy that will not only last many months and years ahead
  • 50% of the gems from every purchase will be burned from our total supply.
  • Remaining 50% will be held by the Dev wallet which can be used for further giveaways and incentives.
  • Future gamified staking mechanics will also further act as a deflationary feature with the possibility to lose your unclaimed gems to the thieving 'Goblins of Minnia'. More on this TBA.

Gemstone Staking Rewards

  • Earth, Storm, Fire and Water Element Minions will earn 1 x $MMXXXXX per 24 hours.
  • Legendary Minions will earn 1 x $MMOPAL per 24 hours. **$MMOPAL and $MMRUBY (Legendary and Fire) gems will have increased purchasing power due to the rarity of those elements.**

Additional rewards to be airdropped to holders who qualify for the below.

  • 20% Bonus on total gems earned if no Monzter Minions NFTs have been listed from your wallet/wallets in a 60 day period. (12 Additional gems per minion).
  • 10% Bonus on total gems earned if no Monzter Minions NFTs have been listed from your wallet/wallets in a 30 day period. (6 Additional gems per minion).

Liquidity Pool

As of current plans there will be no initial liquidity pool provided. While our game is miles ahead in development than anticipated, we don't want our LP to be drained prior to launching the vast majority of our staking utility. Projects are also having issues with listings on marketplaces such as OpenSea when they fund liquidity pools, as this breaches some international laws and restrictions. Initially we believe we can provide enough incentives for staking your minions with various discounts, airdrops, raffles and more. As we continue to build our project and raise additional funding we most likely will fund an initial Liquidity Pool for our users which will further increase the utility from staking.

3. Staking Utility

Shortly after the launch of our staking mechanics we will be launching our official Monzter Minions Staking Marketplace. Within this marketplace you will use your acquired gems to purchase items such as..
  • Gemstones may be used to redeem NFT airdrops, such as our future 'Goblins Collection' to introduce risk mechanics and gamification to our staking.
  • Weekly and Monthly Raffles. Rewards will vary from Crypto, Merch, NFT's and more!
  • Exclusive Airdrops from our future collections.
  • Various in-game items such as Wearables and Exclusive Skins. *Hint* Ninja/Legendary Skins.
  • Whitelist/Allow list opportunities with other projects - We will seek these out and offer limited positions. Prices will vary from project to project.
  • Merchandise Coupon codes - Varying from 10-30% off depending on the items.
  • Real life discounts on items such as Trading Bots/Indicators, paid courses and more.

Seasonal Rewards

As in life seasons come and go, so will our rewards from staking. We want to create a dynamic and fun experience for all of our holders for months and years to come. Much like some of our favorite video games we will implement seasonal rewards where certain prizes/rewards may never become available again on our marketplace. What we hope to achieve by implementing this feature is to ensure a fun and exciting system where it will pay to be active on a regular basis. As the rewards change over time so will our price tags on various items as our economy thrives and more and more gemstones become available through staking. Each season we will adjust prices accordingly depending on the current amount of gemstones in circulation. This will also encourage users to spend their gems frequently to ensure they secure the rewards they like. Seasons will most likely consist of a 2-3 month time period but this will be discussed further.

4. Staking Marketplace

As mentioned above we plan to roll out the launch of our official Staking Marketplace 2 weeks or so after we launch our staking Dapp. Once the marketplace is live, you will be able to spend your gems from staking on various rewards such as Merch discount codes, discount codes for tools and software for trading crypto/NFTs, In-Game skins and items such as our legendary Ninja Minion skin and so much more! Our rewards will vary in prices which are still TBA. Some items will be limited to particular gems relating to the elements such as an exclusive Fire minion skin would only be purchasable with either $MMRUBY (Fire) or $MMOPAL (Legendary), while other rewards will be universal. With seasonal changes we hope to create exclusive items and rewards that may never be available again in future seasons which will add unique and fun elements to your decision making for purchases. More details on rewards and concepts of our Marketplace will be posted as we progress closer to these features.
Rough initial concept of the marketplace website.
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